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Next SUPP President : Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian ???

STILL CONSIDERING OFFER: Dr Sim needs time to consider the offer of a job at National Heart Centre.

KUCHING: Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian who contested in the Pending constituency under Sarawak United People’s Party banner in the last state election is now counting the cost of his defeat to Violet Yong of Democratic Action Party (DAP).

The former Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) cardiac unit head who quit his job to stand for election said he was now jobless and had to leave the state to lecture overseas.

Dr Sim was expected to wrest the Pending seat from Yong the incumbent as he was a well known heart specialist but he was defeated by a margin of 7,595 votes garnering 6,780 against his opponent’s 14,375 votes.

After the election, many people here expected and hoped Dr Sim would go back to the medical field and continue his service in the cardiac unit.

However, he said he would not be going back to work as a cardiac unit head at SGH because someone had replaced him after he resigned before election.

Therewere some speculations in the Chinese papers yesterday, that Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan would like Sim to replace him as president of SUPP.

Former Deputy Chief Minister Dr Chan lost his Piasau constituency in the election had said it was time to let the young people lead the party and reform it.

When contacted by See Hua yesterday, Dr Sim said: “Never mind. Let them talk about it now. The more we talk now, more confusing it is. Wait until I have time, then we talk about it. Now I am very busy.”

Sim said after the election, he went to give lectures in Australia. Later, he would be flying to Korea.

“Because I am jobless now, I need to work. It is easier to earn abroad,” said Dr Sim.

He also said next week he would be attending a function in Kuala Lumpur.

About his future plan, Dr Sim said he was still not sure because he did not have time to think about it now.

When asked whether Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had offered him a job at National Heart Centre, Sim said Najib did, but he needed time to consider.

Friday, 22 April 2011

CM step down? Can or Cannot ?

Senator Datuk Idris Buang

KUCHING: Opposition parties – PKR, DAP and PAS – were yesterday told to urge the chief ministers and Menteris Besar in the Pakatan Rakyat-held states of Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan to resign instead of calling for Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down.

In his speech when debating the motion of thanks to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s address in the Senate in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, Senator Datuk Idris Buang said these heads of state cabinets held on the posts through a slim majority of their parties while the state BN headed by Taib was holding 78 per cent of all state seats in Sarawak.

He also compared the degree of mandate Taib received after the April 16 state election to that of the result of the last state elections involving the four Pakatan Rakyat chief ministers.

Idris reiterated that the state BN under the leadership of Taib maintained its two-thirds majority in the legislative assembly.

“DAP, PKR and PAS should have been telling their Pakatan CMs to step down in Selangor, Kedah, Kelatan and Penang simply because they are there on slim majority while our (Sarawak’s) CM is on a strong mandate of 78 per cent of all state seats which is more than two-third majority,” he said.

“It’s a thumping, resounding and honourable victory for our CM,” he said when referring to the April 16 state polls.

Idris said Taib would never allow BN to use hate and malicious campaign tactics like what the Pakatan components had done in the just concluded state election.

“He (Taib) talks about building the country and talks about people who should prosper earnestly and also about moving forward. Compare this to the politics of deception by Pakatan leaders who launched unfair character attacks and hatred like the one launched by Communist terrorists in their psy-war during Sarawak emergency,” said Idris.

While it was true that Pakatan succeeded in urban areas in Sarawak, BN government under Taib did not practise corruption as alleged by the opposition.

The state government had for many consecutive years been top rated with multiple ‘As’ for good governance and financial management by world independent professional bodies, he pointed out.

“Does that not mean anything? As a lawyer I know what is and what is not corruption. Taib is clean. He does not interfere in his family members’ business.

“They have every right to do business on their own merit and business acumen without his interference in this country or outs,” he said.

“CMS for example, is a Bumiputera company that provided jobs and spin offs to thousands of people in the state. They have every right to do business and invest like anyone else,” he said.

Pakatan Rakyat had cleverly played the issue of corruption up and create a perception but which is untrue, he said.

Taib wants Wong

CM wants Wong in cabinet

by Johnson K Saai. Posted on April 22, 2011, Friday

CENTRE OF ATTENTION: Taib being interviewed by reporters after he chaired the state cabinet meeting.

KUCHING: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said that no one can stop him from appointing Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh a cabinet minister.

Speaking to the media after chairing the Cabinet meeting here yesterday he asked: “What right do they have to say they agree or not agree to the representation of the Chinese community in the government?”

Taib was responding to SUPP Central Working Committee’s (CWC) objection to Wong’s re-appointment as a state minister and instead requested that the post be given only to its non-Chinese elected representative.

SUPP, which used to be the second biggest state BN component after Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), only won two Chinese-majority seats, namely Bawang Assan through its candidate Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh and Datuk Lee Kim Shin in Senadin but retained all its Bumiputera majority seats of Bengoh, Simanggang, Engkilili and Opar.

In view of the party’s devastating defeats in Chinese majority seats, the party’s CWC decided that Wong should not accept any state cabinet post since the Chinese community had rejected their representation in the government.

“We need their representation in the government. I promised the Chinese that I want to help them get fair representation so I take what I can get and after all Soon Koh (Wong) was voted on BN ticket and not SUPP,” said Taib.

He added that he would try his best to get the Chinese community to be represented no matter how few seats they have got.

He stressed that it was the commitment of the Barisan Nasional to maintain a multiracial government because for a multiracial society to progress, the government must be multiracial no matter what happened.

“BN is not a marriage of convenience. It is not a coalition that assembles after the election to suit the situation thereafter. It is a kind of permanent coalition. They have a common manifesto…work together during the administration…work out what to do for the next election.

“They stand together during and after election. The government has to or at least try to ensure that no single community in the country is being left out because the moment you give it up, it is going to be bad for us,” he said.

He cited that in 1969, when Tun Abdul Rahman was prime minister, he kept MCA in the national cabinet although the party had no seats to ensure that all races were represented in the government.

Earlier Taib said he had yet to pick his deputy to replace SUPP president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan who lost his seat in the last state election, and that he would only think about it when the time comes.

“I will only think about it when doing the reshuffle. As to when it will be held, I will decide,” he said.

The chief minister also would not say whether the post would still be held by a SUPP state assemblyman as the party only managed to secure six of the 19 seats it contested in.

PM, Najib : ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’

PM says idea personal opinion of Utusan M’sia assistant editor-in-chief

Posted on April 23, 2011, Saturday

SERDANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said yesterday the government had nothing to do with the ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’ movement proposed in a Utusan Malaysia newspaper report.

“That’s the personal opinion of the writer. As for the government, we have a very clear concept which we will continue to work on.

“And, as for the Malays, it is most important that they support Umno if they want to be politically united,” he told reporters after addressing a gathering of farmers, breeders and fishermen, here.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar was also present at the event.

Utusan Malaysia assistant editor-in-chief Datuk Zaini Hassan, in his ‘Cuit’ column two days ago, said the DAP had managed to unite the Chinese politically and, in his opinion, the Malays should launch the ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’ unity movement.

Asked about the proposal by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang for the Sarawak National Party (SNAP) to merge with the DAP, Najib said he did not wish to comment on an opposition issue.

However, he said he did not see how SNAP could work with the DAP because their ideologies were different.

Two days ago, Kit Siang proposed that the DAP and SNAP merge in time for the next general election in order to better serve the Iban-Dayak community in Sarawak, saying that such a merger would accelerate the Iban-Dayak political awakening following the recently concluded Sarawak election.

Asked about calls from several quarters for Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down as the Sarawak chief minister, Najib said: “I have made my comment … give me time.”

On the reported dissatisfaction of the people towards the announced 1Malaysia E-mail account for all Malaysian citizens, the prime minister said that as it was a private sector project, the explanation should come from them.

“Let them do the explanation … not everything’s on me because it’s their proposal. It’s a private sector initiative and it doesn’t involve public money. Let them take the initiative to explain (to the public).” — Bernama

Datuk LEE Kim Shin VS Dr. Michael Teo : SENADIN SEAT

DAP says BN main tipu! BN says.. 'refers to below article"


KUCHING: The Sarawak Election Commission is standing by the decision taken by its returning officer in not ordering a recount of votes for the Senadin seat in the state polls on Saturday. Sarawak EC director Datuk Takun Sunggah said the decision taken by Chai Ko Het in rejecting a request by Parti Keadilan Rakyat for a recount was the right decision and was in accordance to the procedures and rules.

"Dissatisfied parties can file an election petition with the High Court within 21 days after the election results are gazetted," he said in a statement here today.

The Barisan Nasional's candidate Datuk Lee Kim Shin defeated PKR's Dr Michael Teo Yu Keng by a majority of just 58 votes for the Senadin seat. Lee polled 7,334 votes while Teo 7,276 votes. -- Bernama


Question: If the law provides for recount if the majority is less than 4% under what circumstances can the RO reject the request for re-count. 58 votes over 20,000 (?) is well below the 4% rule.


In accordance with subregulation 25 D (5A) of the R81.

The recount of votes is the proceeding in which the votes cast for every candidates to be counted again by the presiding officer at the polling station in the event of the difference between the number of votes cast for the leading candidate and the number of votes cast for the next leading candidate is four per cent or less of the total number of votes cast.  The recount can only be done once and upon request from a candidate or his election agent or his counting agent at polling station.

At the P.212 Sibu parliamentary by-election, Wong Ho Leng from DAP won with a majority of 398 votes which was less than four per cent of the total votes cast excluding rejected votes.

BN’s candidate Robert Lau of SUPP requested for a recount was rejected by the RO for P.212 Sibu in accordance with subregulation 25 (13) of R81.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

YOU in which category?

Sarawak Elections - The Winners, Losers & The next GE.

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YOU blame government!


3 days had passed by after the Sarawak State Election, many people are still in cooling off period.  As one of the Mirian, I felt upset not because of the loss of BN seat but the PEOPLE.  Where is your politeness? Where is your kindness? From your mouth, you voice out your harsh words such as 'Monkey' 'FxxK' and so many.  You acted rudely, you scream like a crazy fellow, you angry like devil, you fought with Policeman, you scolded the one who had helped you before...

I know you will say...
i)  the loss of SUPP means the loss of BN, the loss of BN means the loss of CM
ii) SUPP President ate a lot $$$ since he worked as deputy chief minister and he is related to CM
iii) Want to CHANGE!!!
iv) Petrol will get increase if vote for BN etc

dear mirian, have you really go and check and do the survey before you know the truth.  You are gambling your own future, do you know that? you believe that CHANGE is the only way to help you from future suffer, you believe only CHANGE can pull down CM or BN Leaders... let me tell you that the another side of reality.  A good rakyat, he or she may need to listen to both sides, I know you will get angry because you had already set up your mindset that whatever explanation is not true but nevermind... !!

In fact, I return to annoy you once again. RAKYAT!! you have been cheated! why don't Pakatan Rakyat supporters or other opposition party fight with 'white hair' in Balingian if they says they wanted to save our SARAWAK. You thought killing SUPP can directly kill 'white hair' what a joke!!  The chief Minister is under PPB (one of the party in BN) and SUPP is in different party.  How to kill?  PPB mostly for Malay races and they gave fully supports towards him.  I know you will says, he gave $$$ to them and they has no choice need to vote for him.  Whatever the chief minister who also known as white hair is still taking care of them, he become the representative for their own group of races.

HOW about you especially as chinese voters.  I can't say you are wrong because everybody has a choice to choose who to be their representative accordingly to assembly or area!! I know you will says opposition representative were also chinese, well, I'm not anti-DAP either supporter of BN.

YES! You did it! You won! You killed SUPP!! and The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) suffered a great defeat in the Sarawak state election after winning only six out of 19 seats it contested. The worst is there are only two Chinese state assembly members in this old Chinese-based political party. It is now in an embarrassing dilemma as it has to rely on four non-Chinese state assembly members.  You say NEVERMIND, you are HAPPY, you HAPPY because you pull down GEORGE CHAN!! YOU says nevermind if don't have a chinese to be a deputy chief minister, PLEASE! PLEASE! THINK WISELY, you thought other races be the deputy minister will fully focus on your chinese?? huh...

ANyway, I'm will be very happy if there is really a CHANGE to better! but without funds from government for them, how to develop your beautiful Miri? Nope, I support BN but it is the truth.  NO FUNDS HOW TO DEVELOP MIRI?! of course still can if they think the way to solve it but honestly say I foresee no new buildings to be build etc within this few years.

Seeing as Sarawak is rich in timber and other natural resources, you would think the state could fund its own development. YOU blame government! YOU says state government ate rakyat $$$!! This is where I explain how the government works. All those resources and money from oil and rainforests? They do not go to the Sarawak state coffer. They go to the Federal government. All your pretty roads, tall buildings, infrastructure and 1 Malaysia email accounts — guess who’s footing the bill? I’ll tell you it’s not the sand miners.

They do not understand that development is important.” They cannot accept the huge development,  Maybe people were just wanted to stay at the places that has no development at all.  Maybe... you complain only now about the government and its excesses because you can no longer take for granted your comfortable lives.

The message conveyed by Chinese voters in the Sarawak state election had succeeded only in rejecting SUPP even though they have also written a new chapter in the state’s political history. They have even failed to stop the BN from securing the two-thirds majority.

Perhaps, the half-changed situation in Sarawak is a helpless choice of the Chinese voters and there is no turning back no matter whether it is a right or wrong and a good or bad decision.

Most importantly, they must calmly think about, carefully observe, courageously face and sensibly resolve the immediate political reality! Please do think wisely.  I just wish that the loss of culture, traditions and politeness of people were gained back soon, protect SARAWAK! GO!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

416 historial day?

16th April 2011  the State Sarawak Election.
Piasau N.63 & Pujut N.64 have been defeated by DAP.

SUPP boss has been defeated, is that a good or bad sign?

Some people happy for that and some people feel sad.  Whatever it is, for those who has been selected for this term, we as RAKYAT wish you to serve our Miri to the better!

For those who lose the seat, it is not the end of the world, it is an extra time for you to re-plan and grab it back on next term.  Maybe it is good because it is a way to do improvement, change bad to the better!! 

And for those who ever helped by SUPP before, please respect them do not keep on critiscm or the obvious one is to booooo them when they got loose .  We as rakyat no matter who we are, we have to learn how to be a better man, not satisfied then talk, communicate but never show anger and so on.  Last night, after the annoucement of the Senadin seat, BN-Datuk Lee Kim Shin has won the seat but the situation was really bad, it this because of people are not satisfied with the result or because want to grab the all seats in Miri? till police bought the dogs to ask crowd to go back.

So sad to see!! Anyway, what ever the three politicians- Datuk Patinggi George Chan, YB Andy Chia and Datuk Lee, they had contributed a lot to Miri City.  So whatever it is, respect them and I think we have to stop talking bad about them.  the election had passed, and let us see what 'CHANGE' that DAP are going to change within this 5years.  Stay tune and be patience... don't tell public that you need more time after 5years. cheers.... don't angry! :)

SUPP boss defeated, Good or bad sign?

Source: Malaysiakini (View expressed here is solely that of the source)


Photo Gallery

11.17pm: PKR Nr 2 Azmin Ali tweets, "BN Sarawak's popular vote has slumped badly from 62.93 percent kepada 55.24 percent. Congratulations Sarawakians," he says.

11.10pm: Miri At Miri Indoor Stadium the police is engaged in a scuffle with Elizabeth Wong's assistant.

She tries to help him but the cops haul him off in a police car.

11.00pm: Sibu Some 500 DAP supporters and voters patiently await four DAP candidates’ return to the operations centre.

The crowd greets them warmly with cheers and DAP slogans. They have been waiting in the streets along Rejang Park for five hours.

Newly-elected Bukit Assek assembleperson Wong Ho Leng leads his team to express appreciation to the supporters.

Wong says Bawang Assan candidate Alice Lau was defeated but not in spirit, and will continue to work hard.

After the speech the four candidates are treated like movie stars as supporters jostle to take photographs with them.

With Wong and Lau are newly elected Pelawan assemblyperson David Wong and Dudong assemblyperson Yap Hoi Liong.

10.50pm: Kuching Lim Guan Eng is addressing some 200 supporters outside the Kuching DAP headquarters.

"This is a very, very historical day for Sarawak," said Lim.

Lim is flanked by Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Fong Kui Lun, Tony Pua and the four victorious DAP candidates.

10.35pm: Kuching Abdul Taib Mahmud sworn in as chief minister of Sarawak to serve his seventh term at the Astana, the official residence of the Yang Di Pertua Negeri Sarawak Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng.

10.34pm: Sibu-newly elected DAP Dudong state assemblyperson Yap Hoi Liong, who won with a slim majority of 317 votes, has attributed his victory to successful attempts in stopping vote-buying in a number of Dayak settlement areas.

"If not for this reason, I would have lost the seat," he tells Malaysiakini.

Yap says his team had monitored a number of areas which have some 2,000 to 3,000 voters.

"The other reason is the voter turnout, which has increased to 74.17%," he says. According to him, many voters have returned from outstanding to cast their votes.

10.30pm: Miri SUPP's Lee Kim Shing and his supporters are forced to flee Miri Indoor Stadium due to the protests outside.

50 FRU members show up outside the hall to control the crowd.

Inside, Tian Chua, PKR candidate Michael Teo, and other PKR members have been arguing with the returning officer for almost 50 minutes.

“Do you get your instructions from SUPP?” they ask.

10.30pm: Sibu About 200 DAP supporters are still gathered in front of the party operations centre in Bukit Assek, transfixed to screens showing the official results of the Sarawak polls.

Like football fans, they cheer every time the results favoured Pakatan Rakyat.

The party is also rousing the crowd and keeping them entertained, playing the Sarawak anthem "Ibu Pertiwiku" sporadically.

The party leaders and candidates have yet to arrive though.

10.19pm: Miri Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong tweets that the crowd gathered outside Miri Indoor Stadium is booing the SUPP Senadin winner Lee Kim Shing, and shouting “penipu” (cheat). The police orders the large crowd to disperse as they have no permit to gather there.

They crowds are demanding a recount for Senadin, where PKR has lost by 58 votes.

10.17pm: On the spot analysis DAP has hit BN Sarawak the hardest, doubling its seats in this election, and indicates Sarawak politics will get hotter from here on.

PKR has also gained two extra seats, notably Krian clinching a surprise win.

Krian winner Ali Biju, 43 and single, is a self-made businessman in the oil and gas industry based in Bintulu.

PKR attributes Biju’s win to several factors:

He's a young, popular local boy and businessman who has never been a politician. He is good looking and everyone knows him. When he arrived in his four-wheel drive to announce his candidacy the locals cheered him.
Despite not knowing that he would run for the seat, he has been doing groundwork for PKR in Krian for the past year.
Krian is also a semi-urban area, where the internet connection is good and the people keep up to date with the latest news, so they have “felt the waves of the tsunami” says PKR.

10pm: The Kuching South City Council (MBKS) erupts in jubilation when the candidates for Pending, Batu Lintang and Padungan were announced as victors.

About 400 people, waving flags and mostly donning red, boisterously chant “Ubah” and “Vote DAP” while reaching over a metal barrier to ‘high five’ the three candidates.

Fanning the euphoria is endless gusts of wind that lead many reporters to remark that the "winds of change" is blowing.

After the DAP candidates and party leaders leave the venue the crowds disperse.

Some regroup in front of the DAP headquarters nearby, where they are addressed by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

"This is a very, very historical day for Sarawak," he says

10pm: On the spot analysis In Belaga, home of the controversial Bakun dam, BN sees a massive jump in votes.

In 2006, voter turnout was 4,469, with BN winning by a 227 majority.

With the present turnout 5,913, BN’s majority has bloated to a massive 2,928.

This is a stark contrast to the other seats where there appears to be a trend of small reductions in BN’s winning majority.

In particular, some of the Dayak seats observed has seen BN’s majority shrinking below 1,000.

10pm Miri: The slim majority for Senadin has caused a fierce argument between PKR members and the returning officer Chai Kohet at Miri Indoor Stadium.

The party is unhappy with the officer's refusal to do a recount.

Earlier as the returning officer prepares to go on stage to announce BN’s Lee Kim Shing as the winner, PKR vice-president Tian Chua demands a recount to be done.

The officer however refuses the repeated requests and turns to the stage for his announcement.

This angers the PKR members, who move forward to protest.

"We want a recount," shouts Chua.

Another angry female member Chua Yee Ling, who is the Hulu Selangor councillor, also shouts, "are you a SUPP member? You are returning officer."

The police move in to stop them from approaching the stage. One who manages to mount the stage is sent off by the police.

The returning officer continues to make his announcement while the police engage in some pushing with the PKR members.

PKR members continue to protest after SUPP’s Lee Kim Shing is announced the winner and his party celebrates victory.

9.40pm: Sibu The retallying of total votes for the Dudong seat is completed and DAP candidate Yap Hoi Liong is officially the winner with a 317 vote majority.

Yap’s family congratulates him.

The voter turnout for Dudong is 74.17 percent.

9.20pm: Senadin Although the full result for Senadin has been keyed into the system and BN has won by a 58 vote majority according to the screen, the returning officer has not announced the official results for the seat yet.

As the winning margin is under 2 percent PKR vice president Tian Chua, who is at the tally centre, says he will ask for a recount despite the law having been amended to limit recounts to the stream level.

He raised a few contentious issues, particularly that one of the streams has as much as 85 spoilt votes; extraordinary high compared to the total spoilt votes of 183.

He adds that the postal votes is the main reason for their defeat, with BN getting 1,134 to PKR’s 58 postal votes.

8.58pm: Senadin PKR has lost by 58 votes, and say the main reason is the 1,090 postal votes that has gone to BN.

8.54pm: Expected final tally of seats:

BN: 55
DAP: 12
PKR: 3
Independent: 1

8.45pm: Sibu Bawang Assan candidate and newly-minted assemblyperson Wong Soon Koh from SUPP is booed as he emerges from the tallying centre, after being pronounced as the winner.

The party secretary-general is faced with about 1,500 angry DAP supporters who shout at him to "step down", amidst allegations of vote-buying by his DAP contender Alice Lau.

He, along with his entourage of 20 SUPP members is forced to flee the tallying centre in Dewan Suarah Sibu with four police cars escorting them.

The DAP supporters disperse shortly after.

8.23pm: Both DAP and PKR win all five seats in Kuching.

On the spot analysis SUPP completely rejected in Kuching. Batu Kawah won with help of bumiputera voters, which shows DAP can
win some support beyond Chinese voters.

8.17 pm: PKR's Michael Teo Yu Meng has lost Senadin by 61 votes, due to the 1,000 postal votes that has gone to BN.

He went up against SUPP's Lee Kim Shin and PKR's Michael Teo Yu Keng. It's a mix-Chinese-Malay/Melanau-Iban seat.

8.17 pm: Dudong DAP Dudong candidate Yap Hoi Liong and Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong arrive at SJK Thai Kwang, where 150 supporters have gathered at the school.

Liew Chin Tong pacifies the anxious crowd, said that power supply had resumed, and BN-SUPP candidate Tiong Thai King has conceded defeat.

“It shouldn't be any problem,” Liew tells the worried crowd.

The crowd cheers at the unofficial victory of Yap, and shouts the DAP and rocket slogans.

The sudden huge crowd alarms the police, and 30 personnel and 10 light strike force members appear at the polling centre's main entrance.

Yap also arranges for his family members and some supporters to go into the polling centre to make sure everything is okay.

SJK Thai Kwang serves as the polling centre for the Dudong constituency.

8.12pm: On the spot analysis The most Pakatan Rakyat can win at this point is 18 seats (DAP 12, PKR 6). But at this point, it's more likely to be 15 seats (DAP 12, PKR 3).

8.04pm: DAP is expected to win all four Chinese-majority seats it contested in Kuching:

: DAP (11,956), BN (4,076), majority 7,880
: DAP (13,557), BN (6,469), majority 7,088
Kota Sentosa: DAP (12,594), BN (7,770), majority 4,824
Batu Kawah: DAP (6,568), BN (5,744), majority 824

8pm: In Miri George Chan (right) concedes defeat. “I respect the decision by the people, this is part of democracy,” he says at the tally centre.

When asked if the anti-Taib sentiment is the main factor for his loss, he says, "I don't want to comment."

7.56pm: Dudong Through loudspeakers, Dudong DAP workers urge the people to head to the counting centre in the Dudong area. As electricity has been cut off, they urge the public to go there to protect the the ballot boxes.

The announcement stirs the mood of the crowd.

A local reporter said that the incident took place at 7.45pm, but power came back 10 minutes later.

DAP supporters still rush there in 20 cars to protect the ballots.

The incident happened amidst the anxiety of the crowd who place their hopes for DAP to win the seat.

7.55pm: Sibu DAP candidate for Bawang Assan Alice Lau (right in picture) concedes defeat at the DAP operations centre.

Wiping away the tears that are streaming her cheeks with a purple handkerchief, she cries even more as the crowd cheers her for putting in a good effort.

“I am happy for my party but I am upset because of the dirty tactics.

“I believe that the voters can see my hard work.

“I lost not to Wong Soon Koh (SUPP candidate and party secretary-general), but I lost to money politics,” she tells Malaysiakini.

7.47pm: In Belaga PKR’s efforts are not enough to clinch a win despite burgeoning local issues such as the Bakun dam.

PRS: 3,974
PKR: 1,046
SNAP: 368
Ind: 27
Ind: 94
Ind: 330

Spoilt: 74
Majority: 2,928

7.35pm: Another SUPP strongman Tiong Thai King, younger brother of timber tycoon Hiew King, has lost in Dudong to DAP's Yap Hoi Liong by 1,059 votes.

He concedes defeat when met at the SUPP headquarters in Sibu.

"Lost already. Don't want to say anything," he says.


DAP: 9,617
BN: 8,558.

Majority: 1,059 votes

7.30pm: On the spot analysis - Pakatan has failed to deny BN two-thirds majority.

As expected there is substantial swing to the opposition among the Chinese. But the small swing among the Iban majority is not significant enough for PKR to pick up some of the rural seats it contested.

7.30pm: Sibu The crowd at the DAP operations centre has now increased to 500. The people are now paying attention to the Dudong seat result.

DAP is putting its hope on a win in Dudong, to increase one more seat for DAP to make its tally 12 seats.

The screen shows DAP Dudong candidate Yap Hoi Liong is leading with a majority of 268.

7.29pm: In Piasau the EC’s unofficial tally is as follows, with several streams to go:

DAP Ling Sie Kiong: 5,206
SUPP George Chan: 3,629

Majority: 1,577
Spoiled: 63

7.20pm: DAP leading strongly in three of the four Chinese-majority seats in Kuching:

: DAP (9,193), BN (2,603), majority 6,590
Pending: DAP (8,232), BN (3,479), majority 4,753
Kota Sentosa: DAP (8,656), BN (5,839), majority 2,817
Batu Kawah: DAP (832), BN (1,398), majority 566

7.15pm: Sibu Dudong candidate for SUPP and party vice-chairperson Tiong Thai King has conceded defeat.

“Lost already. Don't want to say anything already,” he says when met at the SUPP HQ here.

When asked if he would ask for a recount, he says: “No, lah.”

7.12pm: In Sibu SUPP HQ it is reported that party workers are whispering that Dudong candidate and party strongman Tiong Thai King has lost by about 200 votes.

7.08pm: Piasau DAP's Ling Sie Kiong (left) is the giant killer in this state election. It is confirmed that he has defeated SUPP boss Dr George Chan - the fourth party leader to suffer a loss after the defeat of the MIC, Gerakan and PPP party chiefs.

Ling Sie Kiong (DAP): 5,770
Dr George Chan (SUPP): 4,162
Majority: 1,608

Two ballot boxes yet to be opened, but it is almost certain that Chan will not be able to reverse the outcome.

Other DAP results:

DAP: 4,873
SUPP: 2,748
Majority: 2,125

7pm: Batu Kawah Controversy erupts in Batu Kawah at two polling centres where DAP has won, with the Borang 14 refused to party scrutineers while the ballot boxes have been removed from the counting centre.

"We are contacting the returning officer, and the candidate is lodging a police report," says Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.

About a hundred party supporters are gathered at the Kuching DAP headquarters where live results are being projected on screens on the street.

7.07pm: Unofficial results have Pelagus Independent George Lagong winning the interior seat, beating PRS’ Stanley Nyitar and PKR’s Edward Sumbang.

7.03pm: In Engkilili, BN retains the Iban-majority seat with the unofficially results although a few streams have not been opened.

BN: 4,081
PKR: 987
Snap: 157
Ind: 319

6.55pm: In Iban-majority Batang Ai PKR has lost to PRS' Malcom Mussen Lamoh with a bigger majority compared to the last state polls, according to a PKR source. The final majority may exceed 2,000.

PKR candidate Nicholas Bawin is a heavyweight in the state leadership and the state election director.

6.54pm: According to sources, BN is confident of winning 52 seats, five seats more than two-thirds majority. This leaves Pakatan Rakyat with 19 seats.

This is a projection based on current vote tally.

6.51pm: Kuching People are slowly turning up at the chief minister's official residence to await the results.

At the PKR headquarters, a tent and big screen is being set up.

6.50pm: Miri with DAP leading in both Piasau and Pujut, the party operations room is now full of celebration.

Anthony Loke has also tweeted that DAP is now leading by 1,277 votes in Piasau with seven streams to go.

"Major upset is on the way!" he says.

6.53pm: PKR has claimed victory in Batu Lintang, a Chinese-majority seat in Kuching. Lawyer See Chee How (right) wins the seat with a 2,426 majority.

6.44pm: DAP’s Ling Sie Kiong could be the giant killer in this state election. After about half of the votes have been counted, he is leading SUPP boss Dr George Chan by a sizeable margin.

DAP Ling Sie Kiong: 4,384
SUPP George Chan: 2,873
Majority: 1,511

6.30pm: Of the 15 seats contested by DAP, it is set to win 10, with three still up for grabs. It is defeated in two (Bawang Assan and Bukit Kota)

DAP is leading in Piasau, which is held by SUPP chief Dr George Chan.

DAP: 4,486
SUPP: 3,209
Majority: 1,277

Other DAP results as follows:

Kota Sentosa
SUPP: 3,408
DAP: 1,497

Majority 1,921
Postal votes has contributed to SUPP win.

DAP: 558
SUPP: 348

Majority: 210

DAP: 2,001
SUPP: 695

Majority: 1,306

6.30pm: Sibu DAP prepares two giant screens for the public to know the unofficial results of 15 seats contested by DAP.

A crowd of over 200 DAP supporters are gathering to watch the results.

The crowd passionately cheer and clap hand every time the results show a leap for DAP candidates.

The screen shows DAP is leading in 10 seats, while losing in four seats.

So far ,only the results for Simanggang has yet to appear.

DAP Bukit Assek candidate Wong Ho Leng is leading by a majority of 5,752 votes, where Wong has obtained 8,649, while BN-SUPP candidate Chieng Buong Toon only has 2,897 votes.

Wong won Bukit Assek with 5,629 votes back in the 2006 state election.

6.22pm: Sibu SUPP candidate for Bawang Assan and deputy minister Wong Soon Koh has unofficially retained his seat with a 1,810-majority, without counting the postal ballots yet.

When met at the SUPP HQ in Sibu, he says he owes his win to his 28-member bumiputera committee.

"They're the ones who really went all out," he said.

His majority, unofficially, has actually more than doubled since the last parliamentary by-election when BN won with a majority of 805 votes.

"It increased because I went to the ground. In fact since the defeat of the last by-election, I was on the ground all the while and I visited longhouses repeatedly," he said.

When asked about DAP's campaigning among the Chinese voters, he says, "My conscience is clear. No matter how they smear my name with baseless accusations, slander and mischievous allegations, my conscience is clear. It's service above self."

6.20pm: Sibu DAP Sarawak chief and Bukit Assek candidate Wong Ho Leng tells Malaysiakini that looking at the unofficial results, DAP might have lost four seats out of 15 seats contested: Simanggang, Dudong, Bawang Assan and Bukit Kota.

He is spotted watching the unofficial result on a giant screen at the Sibu DAP operations centre .

6.17pm: SUPP has retained Bawang Assan with a 1,850-vote majority. The seat is held by Sibu party boss Wong Soon Koh, who ran against Alice Lau. There are still four ballot boxes yet to be opened.

6.13pm: Unofficial: PAS has lost all five seats which it has contested - Tanjung Datu, Muara Tuang, Sadong Jaya, Sebuyau and Beting Maro.

Beting Maro PAS candidate Abang Ahmad Kerdee Ahmad Masagus admits defeat saying, “Although we’ve lost, the Chinese and Iban communities have given us their full support this time around.”

“Only in Beladin we lost over a thousand votes. I am acceptable to this defeat,” he says.

When asked if he was satisfied, he says, “Maybe our strategy is lacking, or we have overlooked certain areas. I think this is fated.

“I will continue to serve the residents of Beting Maro as usual,” he says.

He denies when asked, that they were over-confident, saying they lost out to BN’s last minute strategy of giving out goodies.

“Two days before the polls, BN gave out bicycles and rice. They also promised to move the land office to Beladin,” he says.

6.05pm: Sibu The mood at the SUPP HQ in Sibu turns celebratory after a nail-biting wait for the Bawang Assan unofficial results.

Everyone starts clapping when it was announced that they have retained Bawang Assan with a majority of about 1,850 votes, with only four ballot boxes unopened.

6.04pm: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says DAP appears to have retained Chinese-majority Meradong and on course to wrest Chinese-majority Repok from SUPP (both in Sarikei), but has lost in Bukit Kota, a racially-mixed seat in Limbang which is contested by DAP for the first time.

5.54pm: In Piasau SUPP’s George Chan trails with 428 to DAP Ling Sie Kiong’s 680. In Kidurong SUPP’s Henry Ling Koung Meng leads with 824 to DAP Chiew Chiu Sing’s 530.

5.46pm: According to sources, BN has retained Balingian, Beting Maro, Belaga, Saribas, while it is leading in Ngemah, Jepak, Katibas, and Bawang Assan.

5.44pm: DAP’s unofficial results show them trailing in Bawang Assan and Dudong, and leading in Bukit Assek (candidate Wong Ho Leng) and Meradong.

Bawang Assan
SUPP Wong Soon Koh: 2,723
DAP Alice Lau: 1,161

Majority: 1,562

SUPP Tiong Thai King: 2,862
DAP Yap Hoi Liang: 2,082

Majority: 780

Bukit Assek
DAP Wong Ho Leng: 301
SUPP Chieng Boon Tuong: 265

Majority: 36

DAP Ting Tze Fui: 1,969
SUPP Ling Kie King: 1,170

Majority: 799

5.32pm: Campaign manager Paul Bian confirms that his lawyer brother Baru Bian has won the Ba'Kelalan in his second attempt for this remote constituency which borders Indonesia’s Kalimantan.

Unofficial tally so far shows that the Sarawak PKR leader is leading with slightly over 540 votes and he is still waiting for the last polling district - which has only some 100 votes - to be counted.

5.27pm: Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud is leading in his home turf of Balingian. With five polling stations counted, he has a majority of 641 votes.

He is challenged by his cousin, former deputy minister Salleh Jafaruddin, who is running as an independent, and businesswoman Suriati Abdullah from PKR.

5.20pm: Unofficial PAS results for seats they are contesting as follows:

BN: 1,928
PAS: 719
Ind: 44

Tanjong Datu
BN: 954
PAS: 223
Ind: 50

Sadong Jaya
BN: 2,516
PAS: 681
Ind: 327

Muara Tuang
BN: 1,580
PAS: 575

Beting Maro
BN: 2,804
PAS: 2,231

5.05pm: Beting Maro The atmosphere at the PAS operations room at Kg Kalok near Pusa is like fans watching a football match. About 30 supporters cheer and shout 'God is Great' each time a new result favouring them is announced.

PAS was heavily trounced in the Beladin voting stream but it still has hopes for a miracle in the Undai and Pusa streams.

5pm: Polling closes in all areas and counting begins.

According to Bernama, all 1,748 polling centres are closed, with counting in interior constituencies with a small number of voters starting as early as 12.30pm.

The least number of voters was recorded at the Rumah TK Pa'Berang polling centre in the Ba'Kelalan constituency with only 20 people casting their ballot.

The tallying centre for Ba'Kelalan is at the Lawas district council.

The first result of the election is expected to be announced at about 8pm.

4.50pm: PKR candidate Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh concedes defeat in Saribas.

"As a politician, we will continue to be in politics. This defeat will not dampen my spirit to continue the struggle," he tells Malaysiakini at the PKR operations centre in Debak when the unofficial results obtained by the party shows BN is leading with well over 1,200 majority.

This is his third try in the electoral campaign and second attempt in Saribas. He was defeated in the last state polls by a tissue-thin 94-vote majority, but this time he lost by a massive margin.

"The main factor is money, and the secondary factor is (BN fielding a) new candidate," he says, referring to BN's debutante Muhammad Razi Sitam, who replaced unpopular incumbent Wahbi Junaidi.

"Last night, many voters called me to ask for money but we don't practice vote-buying. Although we have lost, we lost with dignity whereas BN's victory is not a genuine victory," he says.

PKR loses in most of the polling districts, including Kampung Tuie, that has still yet to get clean water supply.

5.02pm: According to a DAP source, unofficial interim results as follows:

Meradong: 12 streams counted, DAP leads by 800

Bukit Assek: 3 streams counted, DAP leads by 26 votes.

Bawang Assan: 12 streams counted, DAP trailing 1,200 votes

Dudong: 13 streams counted, trailing 650 votes

Pelawan (no streams counted yet)

For Bawang Assan and Dudong, the streams for Chinese areas are have not been counted yet.

4.57pm: In Iban-majority interior seat Pelagus, PKR’s unofficial results for Rumah Garai Nanga Benin is:

PKR: 68
BN: 17
Ind: 29

4.47pm: Unofficial results from BN sources:

BN: 3,134
PKR: 468
Ind: 280

BN: 2,105
PKR: 814

4.35pm: According to a BN source, the latest unofficial seat tally:

BN: 12 seats
Pakatan: 1 seat

4.34pm: Latest results for Saribas is as follows:

BN: 2,054
PKR: 773

BN majority 1,281

4.24pm: In Batang Ai BN is leading about 200 votes out of the polling districts that have been counted.

However more than half of the polling districts are still pending, notably those with higher voter populations and located at Lubok Antu town.

This means PKR still stands a chance to turn the results around.

Iban-majority Batang Ai was last contested exactly two years ago in a by-election following the death of the incumbent assemblyperson. It was won by PRS Malcom Mussen Lamoh, who is defending the seat in this state election.

4.18pm: Unofficial results: BN has won the Malay/Melanau-majority seat of Semop.

PBB: 3,138
PKR: 426
Independent: 324

Majority: 2,712

It is leading in five other Malay/Melanau-majority seats - Tanjung Datu, Muara Tuang, Sadong Jaya, Beting Maro, Saribas.

It is also leading in Iban-majority Layar, which is held by DCM Alfred Jabu.

4.15pm In Beting Maro PAS trails 965 to BN’s 1,541.

4.10pm: In Saribas, PKR has been defeated in all 12 polling districts counted so far. Another 10 polling districts are unknown.

BN's majority in almost all 12 polling districts has increased compared with the 2006 polls.

It was said that PBB retained the seat in the last polls with only a 94-vote majority because its fielded a unpopular candidate.

The initial result shows PBB's strategy to replace incumbent Wahbi Junaidi with young novice, Muhammad Razi Sitam, has helped to party to regain lost support.

4.09pm: According to PAS the results at 4pm at the following:

Muara Tuang
PAS: 200
BN: 381
Bebas: 0

Sadong Jaya
PAS: 223
BN: 672
Ind: 77

3.53pm: A PKR source says BN is leading with some 700 votes in Layar and there are only a few polling stations yet to close. It is going to be very difficult to overturn BN's majority, says the source.

The Iban-majority semi-rural seat of Layar is the stronghold of deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu, who is seeking his eight consecutive term in this election.

He is challenged by PKR's new face Stanny Embat.

3.58pm: DAP says it is on its way to retain Meradong, which was won by spunky 27-year-old Teng Tze Fui four years ago. She is leading by 459 votes.

During the campaigning, DAP has expressed fears that she could be defeated.

DAP: 1,072
SUPP: 613

3.50pm: According to Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching, there appears to be a swing to the opposition in Repok which DAP hopes to wrest from SUPP.

In one polling station during early count, DAP won 165 votes against BN’s 135.

“During 2006 (state elections), we lost by 23 votes,” she says. DAP lost by 576 votes in the last state elections.

3.45pm: PKR sources say BN is leading with some 400 votes at N28 Engkilili.

The Iban-majority seat, said to be a 'grey' seat for BN, sees a four-way fight amongst BN-SUPP, PKR, Snap and an Independent.

3.42pm: Latest unofficial figures from Ba'Kelalan. PKR has increased its lead to 477.

PKR: 1,747
SPDP: 1,270

3.38pm: In N30 Saribas BN is leading with 1,638 to PKR's 601, majority 1,037.

3.35pm: According to DAP sources, the party is leading in two seats - Meradong (near Sibu), Kidurong (Bintulu) - in early count. DAP is the incumbent in Meradong.

There appears to be a close fight in Bawang Assan, which is held by Sibu SUPP strongman Wong Soon Koh. He is being challenged by Alice Lau, a new face from DAP.

3.28pm: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali says that Baru Bian is still leading by 300 votes in Ba'Kelalan as the vote count continues.

Baru's campaign manager Paul has earlier claimed victory.

3.05pm: In N30 Saribas BN is leading with 872 out of some 2,000 votes cast.

3.01pm: Selangor exco Xavier Jayakumar, who is in Krian, tells Malaysiakini that PKR has won the state seat.

With one more ballot box to go, PKR is leading SPDP:

PKR: 2,335
SPDP: 1,185

He says that the PKR lead in this Iban-majority seat is so big that the final ballot box will not make any difference to the overall result.

3pm: The latest unofficial results for the following seats:

PAS: 612
BN: 1,409
Ind: 37

Tanjong Datu

PAS: 127
BN: 636
Ind: 11

2.46pm: Paul Bian, campaign director for Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian in N70 Ba'Kelalan claims that PKR has captured the seat.

He says PKR is leading with about 200 votes, with the results of a few ballot boxes left to be known due to absence of network coverage.

However, those ballots belong to PKR stronghold areas, he says, so Bian is expected to win.

All polling stations in the hilly rural seat closed by 1pm at the latest.

2.40pm: BN is leading in N36 Semop, according to unofficial results.

BN: 2,972
PKR: 454
Ind: 274

BN’s majority is 2,518.

2.25pm: As at 2pm, PKR operations centre reports that they are leading in 7 seats: N34 Krian, N70 Ba'Kelalan, N53 Kakus, N52 Tamin, N58 Jepak N18 Tebedu, N42 Meluan.

Meanwhile, BN is claiming to be leading in four seats - N3 Tanjung Datu, N20 Sadong Jaya, N24 Beting Maro and N36 Semop - which PAS is contesting.

Based on this very preliminary results, there appeared to be a swing among the Iban to Pakatan, while a swing among Malay/Melanau to BN.

2.10pm: According to BN sources, PBB is also leading in Bukit Saban:

PBB: 89
PKR: 1
Independent: 0

1.55pm: In Saribas, PBB is leading 594 out of some 1,400 votes counted.

1.50pm: According to PKR, the vote is really close in Ba'Kelalan. The unofficial result shows PKR's Baru Bian still in the lead by a whisker:

PKR: 596
BN: 525

1.30pm: According to BN, PBB is leading PAS in Beting Maro 288 against 144.

1.10pm: PKR says they are also leading in Jepak (PKR - 91, PBB - 81).

12.54am: PKR says they are also leading in early vote count in Layar and Meluan.

However, in Saribas, BN is leading by 343 votes from six polling stations that have been counted. They consist about 10 percent of the total votes.

Saribas is considered as one of the seats that PKR has the highest chance to win. BN's majority in the last state polls was only 94 votes.

12.49am: Other unofficial results from PKR headquarters:

PKR: 122
BN: 70
PCM: 1
Independent - 5, rosak 1


PKR: 113
BN: 38

As both are Iban-majority seats, there appears to be a swing among the Iban to Pakatan. But these are very early unofficial results.

12.30pm: Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian is facing a tough fight with his nephew Willie Liau in Ba'Kelalan, a hilly area which borders Indonesia's Kalimantan.

Ba'Kelalan is the smallest seat in Sarawak in terms of voter numbers - it has 6,958 registered voters.

The vote count has already begun in those polling stations which have already closed. The unofficial results so far:

PKR: 245
SPDP: 223

Last Updated on Saturday, 16 April 2011

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Vote DAP or BN??!! WHO can represent RAKYAT? @___@

I don't know, I'm really don't know....... who I'm going to VOTE!!  I'm confused. Is that sound familiar with you? or else, YES ! I want to change! UBAH! or I LOVE Miri, I won't let anybody to interupt the unity in SARAWAK!  I bet you must listen a lot of gossips within this two weeks.  But HOW??!! both sides were talking about their own good and I'm really don't know which one is real and which one is fake.  I'm very worried, I know if people choosing the wrong government, all of us will going to get suffer.  As Mirian, I love my city, I don't want people come and destroy the city, oh Gosh... I still young, I still need to live life for the rest of my life, You and me have a choice to life in a good life.

I went to opposition side, YES! UBAH, we have to change!! they talk about the bad of our local YBs especially the three candidates from N.63: Piasau, N.64: Pujut and N.65:Senadin.  They even critiscm SUPP as 'Orang Utan'

SUPP Leaders/Supporters = Orang Utan
The 'kaypoh' me, Kaypoh means busybody. 
So, I went to ask one of the DAP member (Mr. X), the conservation is like below;

ME:  hmm... don't understand why some people says SUPP are ORANG UTAN. do you know why?
Mr X:  oh haiya... How come you do not know? SUPP always follow at the back. Follow 'white hair' (taib Mahmud then eat $$$$ not only that take a lot of profitsssssss....
ME: wow, that is serious! I don't want my $$ taken away ohhhh
Mr X: now you know, so we must vote DAP for UBAH! (change)
ME:  but can you give me the evidence so that I can share it to my friends ask them to change!
Mr X: No evidence lah.  just believe and suspend he steal & eaten $.
ME: hahh?? so You just simply 'think'

Oh Gosh.... Through the conservation, even I quite agree with what Mr.X but while I asked him for evidence, he can't answer me and he is just keep on saying that white hair (taib Mahmud) give profit to his cronies although no evidence. CAN BELIEVE OR NOT ? HMM... i don't want to make a wrong decision oh.  As i know, small miri has been upgraded to City in year 2005.  WOW! that time all of us were happily celebrate the wonderful day but why suddenly says government not good? don't understand.

I went to quite a lot talks that organized by opposition, big crowd there, the speakers were humor, very good speaker and know how to make audience happy.  Everyone feel so high after the talk, many promises has been given and speakers keep on booming the Barisan Nasional and SUPP.  But weird is I didn't heard they share about the Miri Future Development , no Mission or Vision either. only talk about Taib Mahmud (white hair), George Chan, Andy Chia and Lee Kim Shin and SUPP.  If you support DAP, then only we can say goodbye to George Chan and the rest, and when destroy george chan, SUPP will going to die, after supp die , Taib Mahmud or knowns as White hair will step down and dieeeee......

From DAP to SUPP:
狗总比orang utan来的忠厚老实。。。可靠多了!!
狗总比orang utan来的忠厚老实。。。可靠多了!!!I was shocked. Translation:  to be a dog is even better than orang Utan, mean SUPP marked as Orang Utan also not good as a dog.  Fuyoo!! almost 99% the conversation from opposition talk is rude. AND is that true?
DAP only have 15 seats, they really can build up the government? as I know we need 35 seats. So, I made a call to my friend at Kelantan, I was shocked when my friend from Kelantan told me that if you stay at Kelantan , few things you may need to get ready;
i.  Cannot wear swimming suit when go to swim
ii.  Male or female need to queue up at different row at supermarket
iii.  Those female (has been raped) by male, fault is female
iv.  at cinema, male or female need to separate row/ seat
and so many,..... again, they said now they are coming to Sarawak and they want to take over the Sarawak so be careful....added them.

HMM...I love watching movie but I don't want to sit under bright light to watch movie at cinema!! @__@

So, last night I went to attend Barisan Nasional's talk, nevertheless I love to see dance performance from various races, there are Malay dance, chinese dance and so on. AND I was so lucky , our Prime Minister, Najib was there too, and I listened carefuly towards his speech.  He shared about
i) Sarawak Mission & Vision - Year 2020
ii) 1Malaysia
iii) People Unity
 iv)  THe greater Miri towards 2020

I can see my future clearly.  I love that! especially PEOPLE UNITY and THE GREATER MIRI TOWARDS 2020.  He added 'I'm not going to UBAH but I'm going to transform Malaysia to the better of course included MIRI SARAWAK in year 2020.  He is so polite and did not use any rude words, no wonder he is Prime Minister in Malaysia.

After comparing the two parties;  Once again I think, YES! we need to UBAH but if I choose DAP asa government , I scare, I scare can they build up and taking care of Miri ? there are few elements I need to consider of;

i) do they have experience ?  example: Joining DAP for only 3 months , he or she can represent party for election.
ii)  Rude, criticism etc Now they scolded SUPP as Orang utan etc ,will they scold us too one day if they be the government? I scare
iii)  Living standard higher - just like Penang , 27% of living standard has been increased after DAP took over from BN??
iv) Miri will be like Kelantan? female been raped is female fault.

ANd, I'm considering about Barisan Nasional, SUPP too,
i)  Support SUPP means supports taib Mahmud? but why DAP did not compete with him direct at Balingian

ii)  SUPP is not perfect still need to improve themselves!! YES!! i totally agree... but i can see they are keep on improving..

iii)  SUPP leaders perform their duties as Public representatives and they really do the job. should i need to give them a chance again?

As a conclusion,

The decision is on yours. Think twice before vote.  Do not vote because of anger but vote the one who really can bring us the secure life, the one who can represent RAKYAT. 



Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Miri Public Representatives

I LOVE Miri said Chan


I was born, I grew up in Miri and I love Miri.  Miri and Sarawak is the place where we do not care what race and religion you belong to or your background,  Miri is the perfect example because 27 races can live together in peace and harmony. We can work and play together and this is Miri and  it is important for Mirians to set the example of living together in unity.

I won't let anybody disturb that unity. We all love Miri. I love Miri. I was born, grew up in Miri and, for many years now, added him.

SUPP president and Deputy Chief Minister George Chan as 'father of Miri''s development' who managed to develop the oil city to surpass Sibu and become Sarawak's second largest city in 15 years.

Honesty say, I was amazed with his spirit of protecting & developing Miri.  He might be old but through my observation he did really developed Miri , one of the example is Miri has been upgraded to City in year 2005.

Pustaka Miri

Grand Oil Lady
Miri City Fan

Many more places in Miri.  Please click here:

I did my job said Lee

I did my job

I don't mind what people say about me as long as I did my job.  This is Datuk's Lee motto.  He is cool and steady.  Never scare on things that happened surrounding him.  What he want is to complete his duties and responsibilities as one of the Public Representative. 

There are two things that people always admired him.


1.  The establishment of SJKC Tudan Miri

Datuk Lee said Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) Tudan was just one of the many examples of SUPP's work all these years to provide more education facilities. Miri Member of Parliament, Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui, said the establishment of SJKC Tudan was the result of Lee's hardwork since he became the assemblyman for Senadin in 1996.

I believe the school had not only benefited Chinese children in the fast-growing constituency but had also opened up education opportunities for non-Chinese children in the area. Statistic had shown that about 50 per cent of the children in this school are Bumiputeras and this goes to show that Chinese education is well accepted by all here.

Not only benefited to children but provides job opportunities for teachers.  Keep it up!


2.  Miri Red Crescent

Datuk Lee Kim Shin as the district deputy chairman of Miri Red Crescent.  He had contributed a lot to community through the red crescent activities.

Datuk Lee always do contribution to Miri Red Cresent


YES! I care & I love said Andy

“Yes, I love I care" Guess whose motto is ? that is YB Andy Chia's motto. 

Yes! I love and I care
 The thing that I admired him the most are he is very sincere, caring and kind hearted.  Besides, People says he loves to smile and easy going. 

He told people, love and cares on your people with a caring heart, never critiscm and rude to people that surrounding you.  Love your people no matter who is the person and never judge people. 

Each year before enter the Traditional Chinese New Year Celebration.  YB Andy and his group from SUPP Pujut Krokop DUN 64 will pay a visit to Miri Home for the Aged.  They cooked delicious home-cooked for the residents of the Miri Home for the Aged and YB Andy gave the elders ‘angpows’ for Chinese New Year celebration season as well. 

A 92’s year old of old woman said..’thank you all for caring for old people”

An appropriate slogan on the wall reads, “thank you for coming with a caring heart”.

Besides, YB gave a wheel chair for Mr. Ting (Photo as below)

with PIBG SK Pujut Corner - Opening Ceremony Corridor

With PIBG SMK Lutong

With PIBG at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St Joseph Miri during Majlis Anugerah Pelajar
SJK (C) Chung Hua Krokop

There are  many more activities and contribute a lot to society such as:   

Meeting Of Redevelopment and Upgrading For Home For The Aged

Upgrading the road and roadabout for Pujut 7
Discussion on Upgrading the road and roadabout for Pujut 7
Apart from that, below are the Miri Development that YB Andy Chia did.

1.  Repairing Balairaya Kampung
2.  Build new jetty at Piasau Utara
3.  Enforce the law and asking marine to monitor about the illegal activities
4.  Build Multipurpose court at Bulatan Park & Piasau Link
5.  Upgrading drainage in his constituency

and so many which I didn't listed down here;

Keep it up! YB Andy.  Your hardwork has been seen by us in Miri Sarawak.